Milo Wool Felt Gambler Hat - Navy

Navy Blue
Sand Grey

Upgrade your wardrobe with our Milo wool felt hat, an elegant revisitation of the classic gambler-style hat, combining timeless design with a boho-chic look. Crafted from luxurious 100% wool, this hat features a hand dyed ombre silky velvet band and a thin silver chain for a chic and feminine finishing touch.


  • 100% wool
  • Tall crown: 11cm | 4.3"
  • Medium brim: 7.5cm | 2.9"
  • Color: navy blue
  • UPF 50+
  • Handmade in Ecuador
  • Stiffness: semi-soft
  • Features a hand dyed ombre silk velvet band
  • Adjustable inner sweat band for added custom fit
Material & Care

Material: 100% wool and handwoven by artisans in Ecuador.

Care: always handle your hat by the brim, not the crown.

  • To remove any dust, sand, or dirt from the hat, use a lightly dampened cotton cloth or a soft brush.
  • If your hat does get wet, we recommend towel drying immediately to remove any moisture or leaving in the sunshine to dry.
  • If your wool brim or crown become bent or dented, lightly steam the area to soften the straw
  • If you don't have a steamer, you can use the steam from an iron (do not apply the iron directly on the straw use a cotton cloth in between) - use your hands to mold the hat back to its original shape. Let it air dry; do not use a blowdryer

Proper storage, cleaning and maintenance of your hat will extend its longevity.

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❝ It was important to me that the material and the process used for the creation of our hats, both remained align with our ethical and sustainable values.

- words from our founder.

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