Ivy Ozzie is a crossroads between cultural roots and travel inspirations. A true invitation to an inspirational voyage, the brand concept emerged from the designer's African culture and the Aussie (Australian*) way of living. Its identity is rooted in the idea of freedom; this strong feeling you feel when you go on an adventure.

Each piece is designed to embody confidence, self-expression, and empowerment.

Through our designs we invite you to explore, redefine and reinvent your very own signature style, with unapologetic audacity.

Our Vision

We consider fashion to be an art, a form of communication. Our designs are your every day tools to elevate the essence of who you are.

The rediscovery of oneself starts in your mind, manifests through your style and your lifestyle.

Our Mission

We believe that accessories have the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook, we want every women to embrace and own this power!

Our mission is to empower every woman to express their true self, with elegance and confidence. To live to be free, and feel free in their style, their femininity.

Our Values

We value quality over quantity, with the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, through small batches production.

Guided by the principle of conscious consumption, we are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, and choose to partner with the best manufacturers that share and guaranty our values.

Meet the founder

Hortensia Morales, Creative Director + CEO.

❝The brand concept came to me in Paris, right after returning home from Australia - where I had spent a year. This trip was such a transformative experience for me!

I was born in Angola (Southwestern Africa) and grew up in Paris, France - coming from a traditional African family, from a really young age I have always been exposed to diverse cultures, and for that reason I've always considered myself as a multicultural person, and naturally that became the primarily source of inspiration for my creativity. Growing up fashion was for me a form of art that I used to best express myself, my "identity".

I've traveled a lot before settling here in California, I feel so grateful and fortunate for all these experiences that have ultimately contributed into bringing my whole vision for Ivy Ozzie to live.